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An Englishwoman in Michigan


Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Had a wonderful time at the bed and breakfast place in South Haven. We visited Grand Haven, Holland, Saugatuck and South Haven. Great places, but shops are very similar in each little town. South Haven was nice because we parked close to the beach on Lake Michigan and were able to walk along the shoreline of the lake. Met some interesting people at the B&B. One couple was from Ireland and the Ukraine, two couples were from Germany - both husbands work for DaimlerChrylser - another person was born in England, but raised in France and the owner of the B&B was from Austria. If we ever go back to that side of the state, we will definitely stay there again. We actually stayed in the room where Eminem stayed when he was shooting his movie, 8 Mile, which we still need to see - I've heard it's a cool movie. Only 2 more days left of afternoon freedom from work - did I make the right choice in deciding to go back full time again? I'm not so sure now, but I know my waistline will be glad.

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