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An Englishwoman in Michigan


Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Well, June 2 is fast approaching, which will mark the first day of my returning to work as a full time employee. So I'm sitting here wondering how I can make the best of the free time I have left. I know if Mum reads this she'll probably yell out loud "clean out your messy closets" or "paint the walls" or "wash the windows" or "go dig for old bottles in your garden" etc., etc., etc. But I have decided to take some quiet time to read 4 books that have been waiting for me to read since Xmas. I should perhaps read some German books since my fluent German skills are slowly fading away. I had to write a German letter this morning for my boss and I ended up e-mailing it to a German friend of mine to have her look over it for mistakes and it was only a simple letter telling someone that we couldn't get a work visa for him. However, when she wrote back I was very happy to hear that I hadn't made any mistakes so hip hip hurah for me!

Sunday, May 18, 2003

Not much going on these past few days. We're looking forward to a quiet romantic getaway this coming weekend in South Haven, Michigan, to celebrate our wedding anniversary. It's Memorial Day here in the U.S. on next Monday, so we get a 4 day weekend out of it, since we have Friday off.. Ben will be staying with his grandparents and we're going to a bed and breakfast, The Seymour House, for a couple of days. Can't wait. Went to Jeepers yesterday. Ben was invited to a birthday party. He said the best part about it was the inside rollercoaster. At first he didn't want to go on it, but after he saw that the other kids were having a great time he decided to try it out for himself. Can't wait for when he's bigger and I can drag him kicking and screaming onto the adult rides at Cedar Point.

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