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An Englishwoman in Michigan


Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Well, today (or rather this evening) I made approx. 10 pounds of shepherd's pie. I have a really great recipe that always seems to become a hit with anyone I serve it to. We're having a Superbowl luncheon at work tomorrow, so I volunteered shepherd's pie in mass quantity. I can only make it when Mum is visiting though because I make it the day before I need it and then Mum throws it in the oven for a couple of hours the day of and I pick it up shortly before lunch time. Hopefully Mum will be able to take the 2 huge trays out of the fridge tomorrow without dropping them. Otherwise we'll be eating salad and bread rolls without the main entree. Watched another hilarious episode of American Idol on TV tonight. But what was up with Detroit? They didn't show many good singers. Come on, man, this is Motown!!!!! If I had known that I would have gone and auditioned myself (I know, I'm too old, but people tell me I look younger than I am all the time!). While I'm driving around in my car I'm always singing (out loud) to songs that are playing on the radio or cd player, but a little voice keeps popping up from behind me (Ben in the back seat) - Mom put the Pooh tape in! Am I really that bad? Must I go on TV and prove him wrong?

Monday, January 20, 2003

It's just after 9:00pm and I've made a batch of cookies using the recipe on the back of a bag if Nestle Toll House milk chocolate morsels. The recipe said the batch would make 5 dozen cookies, but I was only able to make about 2 dozen. Perhaps I made them too big, but they don't seem to be. This is the first time I've made cookies from scratch (usually I buy the ready made dough) and they taste just like store bought. Not much news to report today. We're slowly preparing for Mum's departure on Sunday and returning to what Mum calls a messy house. Mum I will try to keep the house tidy this time, I promise.

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